Thursday, March 16, 2006


Tuesday, March 14th
Hairun came from KL to JB and then to visit us in Singapore. went to meet her and her 3 little kids and we went shopping in town. came back to my place afterwards and also to meet Aysha who had to attend school camp. then we suggested going back with her to JB and spend the night at her late Mum's house and do some shopping the next day. met her older sister and younger sister who lives there now.

kids had so much fun especially! we drove around JB to get to Tebrau City and then to Kota Raya. it was pretty exhausting and we ate alot of junk food! came home late last night and they dropped us off at the immigration point in JB. we took the bus back to local immigration and took a cab home.

got home, everyone showered, unpack and watched the finale of America's Next Top Model! :)))

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