Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Visit Mum Day

as usual, every Tuesday is visit my Mum day. since 3 kids are in school, brought my youngest along to visit. although visiting time is limited..hehe. anyway, most importantly i get to see my beautiful Mum and eat her wonderful food.;)

so today there wasn't any homecooked dish. just leftover chicken curry which i totally don't mind having! she packed it for me to bring home so everyone else gets to enjoy it. yum~yum:) since Tok was around, Mum suggested we go for a drive. we went to pick Aneesa up from Nursery and went to Purple Mall for some grocery shopping. Mum bought more food for her grandkids from KFC. the kids would be delighted of course.

they drove us home. Mum sent us up as she helped carry Anis while i carried all the groceries and food and see to Aneesa at the same time. Tok wanted to go home as he's already tired so they didn't come up to stay. that's ok...my house was in a mess anyway!!! hehe...

actually showed Mum her surprise SB album today and i'm so happy she loves it! had to take it back though because i haven't finished with it yet. a few more LOs to go before i can hand it to her as a gift. will try and complete the whole album soon and hopefully won't forget to scan and keep in my SB folder! ;)

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