Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've Been Tagged...

by Ruey! ok, i've gone to Ruey's blog and will have to finish up the tag tomorrow. it's not happening tonight...i'm going straight to bed right after this.'s been a long but fun fun day! :)

*i'm so bad at this. it's actually April 28th today!!!*

5 Things About Someone ~ My Mummy

1. she is very warm, beautiful & friendly

2. she's a terrific cook!

3. she makes the Best teh tarik :)

4. she's a neat freak and would nag & nag about untidiness. i think i'm behaving the same way with my kids too!!!

5. she's full of love and she's kind and she's made many sacrifices in her life. i love her, forever.

now it's my turn...i'm tagging Clara, Raudha & Razzberry :)

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