Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random Act of Kindness

Raudha asked, "what is RAK?" it stands for Random Act of Kindness. in the world of scrapbooking, the term used is very common. this is where a scrapper would kindly share what she has extra or brand new like patterned papers, cardstocks, embellishments, buttons, stickers or anything related to scrapbooking. sharing in a way where she would mail or give personally the RAK items to one person each month. well, this is how it works for us at the SB Gang.

for those of us who are on the RAK list, we'd be giving to or receiving RAK surprises each month from someone. and it sure feels good to open up my mailbox and having a Happy Mail Day :) whatever that we RAK could be useful for the other person. some of us would list down our likes or dislikes for certain stuff. myself, i like EVERYTHING!!! hehehe...:) just RAK me anything and i'm pretty happy and would find a way to use that RAK item.

for the Scrapbooking challenges that we have monthly, we also have those who would sponsor a RAK Prize. and sometimes these prizes are those that we can't get from our local SB stores. and usually, all the prizes are awesome!!! so of course, winning a RAK Prize would be totally cool. :)

but in my book, it's not about winning or receiving although the feeling is so so fantastic! the act itself, of giving brings out a really nice warm feeling. making someone else feel good, makes me feel good. :) most definitely! and this is not about giving only scrapbooking materials, it could be anything in your daily life. so any Random Act of Kindness is truly a blessing and don't forget to say Thank You! ;)

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