Monday, April 17, 2006

Reporting from Maldives's the hubby. he misses us when he's travelling but when he's home, he can't wait to travel??? what laa... well, he's passionate about his work. this is one person who has to see to it that every landscaping project he's doing gets done right. he's even picky with his trees! *you see, he picked this tree and she bears for him 4 very lovely fruits!!!* hahaha...

so he's just reporting that we can call him at his new Maldivian number. i'm the type who calls my husband everyday??? anyway, we miss him too and oh well, he'll be home before we know it.

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aidaville said...

What a beautiful place to be working at - Maldives is like paradise ! I love trees, and never realised how necessary and beautiful they are till we had to live in a flat. IF (big if)we ever move, I tell dh the next place must have plenty of trees and greenery and quiet.

Calling dh everyday ? Uhh, no lah, too busy with the kids and scrapbooking ! I think you are Super-mummy organising the b'day party !!!