Sunday, April 2, 2006

Saturday~1st April

April Fool's Day
well, happy to say that i didn't get fooled by anyone on this day:) actually held my very first ScrapBooking lesson today! i know that my niece is keen on SB so i asked my brother if she's really interested, send her over and i'd give her some pointers. he said OK and away we went! :)

my "class" was held from 10am~12noon and she came on time. i began by explaining to her about the basics with papers, placing photos & coming up with interesting captions with regards to the photos and the whole layout. Shafikah, Aysha & i got started with our own LOs and she obviously enjoys scrapping! for 2 whole hours, she managed to complete 2 LOs, which isn't bad at all!

enthused in their scrapbooking...

proudly showing off my niece's very first & second LayOuts :)
well done Shafikah!

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