Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another Day, Another Challenge :)

first of all, couldn't concentrate on doing a layout upon receiving the clue because it's the finale of Amazing Race(the actual Reality Show) ;) so very happy that the Hippies, BJ & Tyler won! yayy!!! the good guys won this time! absolutely adore them for their positive outlook on life and how one unkind word wasn't heard from them. :)

as for the other Reality Show...what an upset! my favourite Elliott was voted out. :( could you not vote more for him??? anyway, i believe he will make good music and sell more records than anyone from this season. *keeping fingers crossed*

anyway, back to my scrap. finally came up with this layout and...too much doodling! but it's alright i guess, not so much of an eyesore as i thou
ght initially ;)

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