Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Tok!

me and my two little ones went to meet Mama Lat, Tok & Mama Chee at Far East Plaza for lunch today(Tuesday afternoon) we were early, so i shopped around before meeting them. went to Laine's at Wheelock and got myself a few papers and alpha stickers hehe..;) walked to towards Far East Plaza from Scotts Road and dang! the escalator wasn't working!!! didn't want to turn back because it was a long way around so...grabbed the stroller and carried it up the really narrow escalator!

poor Little Aneesa went up first and she tried to go as fast as she could with her tiny feet. poor thing! there were people behind me but one offered me any help!!! and all others could comment was," Oh, poor thing..." yeah right! anyway, that doesn't really bother me. i'm used to all these so long as i get to where i'm heading to.

they weren't there yet so took my little ones to the water fountain where there were seats. i browsed around the cart sales at the atrium and got myself a Gap bag! hehe...and i said i won't buy another bag! finally my Mum called and we met them upstairs. she asked where we should have lunch and i suggested the one on level 5. been there several times and the food is quite good. we placed our orders, food came and everyone enjoyed their dishes! :) the fried rice with salted fish was oh so yummy!!!

after lunch, we walked around and went to the car park. it was raining outside but my little ones enjoyed the view they got from the sun roof of the car. cool! :)

At Far East Plaza

we thought Tok was going to send us home but he made a detour and brought us to Mount Faber! yippee!!! haven't been up there for a very long time! the drive up was smooth and the view was just so lovely. we saw cable cars along the way and when we parked, we got out of the car and immediately took some shots! hehe... it was so much fun and Thank You Mama Lat & Tok & Mama Chee. Happy Birthday Tok! we really had so much fun today. :)

At Mount Faber :)

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aidaville said...

Wow, sounds fun ! We've dirven up to Mt Faber s few times, but never actually stopped.