Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Last Day of the A~May~Zing Race!

phew!!!:))) finally it's over!!! not that it wasn't any fun but it was exhilirating and abit of a rush and the time it takes to come up with one layout! hehe... but we all managed and everyone that was in the race did an excellent job! *applause*

have to Thank my "pardner" Shemah for her superb effort and a job well done! if there's ever another race(oh please NO!) we might just team up again. ;) well, we didn't win this race but happy to be a part of it. everyone's a winner!

we had to do 4 layouts for our last clue and i had to do the Book of Me. i have actually done a Then and Now layout of myself but can't use that one. anyway...came up with this..ewww :)

this one titled i. very simple layout and just got the idea to place pictures of my kids as to create a family tree. :) sometimes i find it hard to use the Basic Grey Urban Couture papers! but i think this one turned out quite alright. :)

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