Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

began Sunday morning with breakfast for the family. it's always nice to have family time, anytime :) did a little scrapping afterwards and somehow wasn't feeling the layout. anyway, it was almost time to send kids off to Sunday School. had lunch and we left.

after dropping them off, hubby, me and our 2 little ones went to Daiso. our first time there but not the first time to IMM Building ;) nice place, spacious and being a Sunday, it was crowded. we roamed about and went into Daiso. got ourselves a few things and i believe the girls from SB Gang bought off all the cheesboards!!! hehehe...

had tea and left to pick kids up. headed to where my Mum works and had dinner there. the place wasn't busy yet so managed to chat with her for abit. :) we went to visit Mama & Kong Kong after. they look fine even though they're looking old and Mama seemed slightly frail. she's been ill for the longest time. but she's a fighter and we'll be there for her anytime she needs us.

watched Singapore Idol auditions and oh my...just too funny! :) anyway, that's entertainment and that's tv for you. decided to re~do my layout. it looked a little busy before and it's less busy now..hehe.

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clarii said...

yah i watched the sg idol too. really amused by the difft type of pplw who went for the audion. They are really brave :)