Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Got Bike?

ahh my dearest sweet Aysha! this was when she was about 2 and that plaster strip above her right eye will always remind me of the time when she fell! :( my sweetheart fell and hit her head on a sharp edge and had to rush her to the doctor as she was bleeding profusely. turned out she needed stitches and *sigh*...felt really bad as an Umie not aware enough of what's going on with her. i was holding Baby Muesa at that time and... i'm just glad she's still my pretty girl and the stitches are not visible at all :)


{AM} said...

Oooohhh.... WRMK alphas!! Wonderful LO Ed! :)

Javascrapper said...

Thanks AM :) ohh...yes those alphas are so yummy indeedy!