Friday, June 23, 2006

Mission Accomplished! :)

i organised packing everything neatly that we wanted to give to our friends back at the Kampong. there were 4 bags filled with books, denim jeans and clothes, baby clothes and toys :) it would have been a joyous occasion to carry those things back to the Kampong ourselves but time does not permit. instead, we brought everything to my Dad's place. felt bad that he had to carry those back but he'll do it little by little. but Dad says when some of them come to visit, they'll be able to help bring the things back :)

*Virtual Crop Night*

another night filled with so much fun but i just blacked out when doing the crossword puzzle! hehe and to think it was pretty easy... anyway, 2 clues for the night and managed to churn out 2 layouts :) not very pleased with the first one but under time constraint, thought it was ok.

Just Us 3

I Will Never... "go to NEW YORK and NOT go SCRAPBOOK shopping"

i don't know what i was thinking with this 2nd layout! hehe... as if i'll ever return to New York! well, maybe not now but perhaps in the years to come? oh, who knows? but if we do go back there one day, i'll definitely not miss getting Scrapbooking stuff! :)))

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