Sunday, July 9, 2006

More of London!

so happy that i manage to get 2 more London photos done! there's several more to go but to think that something gets done, that's like a mini achievement! hehe... this pinkie one was taken in the apartment where we stayed. usually we get to reside at Monarch House in Kensington whenever we are there. ahh..what luxurious living it is over there ;) but in reality, we could never afford living it! hehe... Thankfully hubby has a job that allows his family to travel and put up in beautiful apartments. :)

one morning we decided to go to the garden just outside our apartment. it was chilly and yet my kids were happy just exploring! nothing much there...just some flowers and mostly wilting plants ;) Aneesa in this photo here, just walking about and not even bothered about the cold!

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