Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Giving Support!

it's our National Day on 9th August. so today being the eve, there's some sports events going on at my kids' school and parents are invited to join in. everyone is requested to be in red and white, to show support for the colour of our nation's flag which is red and white ;)

wore my white denim( phew! it fits! hehe) and newly bought red t~shirt (which will only be worn today) everyone showed support and Muesa was happy to see me. got to take a few shots of him and his friends. sent Aneesa to nursery for her school party. not many kids turned up for the one hour celebration. i felt like it was a waste not to let the kids go, even if it's for an hour. let them have fun :)

can't see Aysha and all the upper primary kids perform at the school hall. but we heard music and singing. they must be having an upper primary kind of fun! ;) we were given drinks and we sat and watch the sporting event. their team came in 4th but everyone received a medal. that was nice :)

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