Friday, August 25, 2006

A Star For Adam :)

Hairun & her kiddies came to stay with us. the kids are having their school hols slightly earlier than us. it's always fun having them around and our kids immediately clicked and just catch up on where they left off it seems!

didn't have time to scrap or do other stuff but managed to squeeze some time to alter a wooden star for little Adam. it does need more touching up but he likes it the way it is and kept looking and holding on to it where i left it at my scrap table ;) told him to ask his Daddy to place blue tac on the back so he could put it up on his wall.

it was catch up time for Hairun & me too. they've been given the ok to perform Hajj this year. they will leave their kids in JB with her sisters. Ron & i gave her some tips and pointers and shared some of my moments when i was in Mecca & Medina. MasyaAllah...i miss the whole thing. i can't believe i've gone for my Hajj! God Willing i'll be fortunate enough to go again, maybe once more.

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