Monday, September 25, 2006

Anis Is 21 Months Today!

it's September 25th today and my Baby Anis turns 21 months :D

At The Airport
Aneesa Pushing Anis :D

My Little Ones
hubby's assistant called asking me to meet him at the airport today. this guy...really! had to absent Aneesa from Nursery and get going to the airport. Thankfully Changi Airport is not that really far from us. and i've never met Chris has to be like a treasure hunt! hehe...
he called me a few times, saw this young man, he was on the phone. he called and saw me reaching for my phone and voila! anyway, passed some cookies to him for hubby. he had something to pass to me as well and once that was done, wished him a safe flight and we did a little walkabout at Terminal 2.
got Aneesa a Disney Princess book set for her birthday. she wanted it :) she'll be my 4 year old Little Princess very soon!

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