Saturday, September 2, 2006

September Already!

how time just ticks on and will never stop! Thankfully we're all still in one piece but since it's the week long school hols here, not sure how long i'll stay in onre piece! hehe... current mode shows i'm fine, Thankfully! ;)

haven't been of those days! Rena was here and stayed the night. hope everything will go well for her. *hugs* to you dear.

went to COMEX 2006. it's a computer and gaming expo held each year. unbelievable prices and so many freebies thrown in when you purchase certain things. good deal! thinking of renewing my contract with my current ISP. plus they're giving away a free MacBook worth almost $2k only during this fair. i'm not familiar with Mac but hey! i can always learn :)

i'm supposed to return to the expo before it ends on Sunday. have to get a notebook for the hubby. the one he has right now isn't working out too well for him. :s'll be really packed there and not such a good idea to bring the little ones. they were bored when they were there...until they saw xbox games hehe...

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