Monday, October 2, 2006

Happy Birthday Little Princess

1st October
Children's Day
Happy 4th Birthday Aneesa!
we had a small celebration right after we broke our fast. Auntie Raudha & Uncle Tamhid came earlier. sadly, they couldn't stay. Raudha, you must come for a crop session at my place one of these days ok? ;)
GrandUncles Kamal & Ayep came too. Great Grandma & Auntie Linda couldn't make it. GG wasn't feeling too well. hope she'll feel better soon. Thanks for the jemput~jemput pisang! :D
i didn't cook up a feast. only made simple dishes which i normally cook whenever there's a gathering at my place..hehe. it's Roast Chicken, MeePok, Wantan Shrimp Soup & Cheese Fries from KFC ;)

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DadhaSpoke said...

THANK YOU for inviting...
Hope the short visit and the presence of GrandUncle K and Ayep made Aneesa's birthday a special one, nonetheless.

Woi Leen, the meepok I shared with Rushda for iftar. The chicken remainder (after iftar) was finished up for sahur. Aiyah, so sedap.

OF COURSE, I will come to your place for cropping session. Already pukul canang to Abai.
Till then.... happy scrappin', momma!