Monday, October 23, 2006

Ready For Celebrations :)

managed to get 2 LOs done within the past few days. i like photo bumping...take away all other elements and distractions from the main focus *wink*

that's Stef and me. she's lovely and so far enjoying her stay here in Singapore. we've been cropping together and shopping alot! she's lugging home lots of adhesives since it's alot less expensive here. don't think Zaly is too happy about it but whatever makes Stef happy ;)

already ordered a Crop~A~Dile for Stef from Jane. expecting it to arrive anytime soon. she wants to have that tool as well. she better get whatever SB stuff she can get here before leaving next week. definitely worth the buy here according to her.

wasn't sure about this layout as some Urban Lily papers are pretty hard to use! but went along with whatever juices was flowing while getting this done ;) quite happy with it. love those Swarovski blings that we got from Textile Centre.

well, it's the Eve of Ramadan. it's a lovely day, bright and sunny. someone from Singnet called to ask whether i'm still having problems with my computer. well, i still can't get access to some websites and it's been pretty frustrating blogging as well. i hope this one won't freeze on me too!!! couldn't get yesterday's one complete...grrr

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