Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tag Board No More

it's been causing some tweaky problems so i've decided to pull it out. it would really be easier to say Hi with it but...oh well, it keeps prompting me to log in over and over!

anyway, it's late Sunday night, should be asleep but still awake! could be the Haagen Daz coffee ice~cream keeping me up ;D managed to complete 2 layouts and will continue with more challenges on Monday.

kids are all asleep and i should be joining them real soon. it's just that in my mind, i've ideas on designs i want on my layouts!!! weirdo..hehe. no, not weirdo. that's called passion. better not be too passionate to spend more at the LSS *wink*

i'm off to bed now...hope i'll get some inspiration in my dreams. but really, i need to clean up the house! total mess...and they'll be coming on Wednesday for a mini crop session and Iftar at my place. it'll be a blast. more fun to come.

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