Saturday, October 14, 2006

Welcoming Stef and Zaly

Friday ~ October 13th

received an email today. HUGE me, it is. i just have to remain smiling until Monday ;)

went to meet Stef, Zaly and Stef's dad at Plaza Singapura. really awesome to meet her finally. and to see Zaly again after all these years. we spent the afternoon in town from one LSS to another! hehe... we parted after shopping at Laine's. we would meet again after Iftar at Geylang.

Today ~ TVC Open House
Sasha & Stef
ready for Make & Take
My Latest Stash from TVC

Stef came over. we met Dah at 1pm and took a cab to Mel's place. the open house was a riot! lots of yummy SB goodies and couldn't stop picking stuff up to buy and buy! and i am supposed to challenge myself to complete 20 LOs before my next shopping!!! i'm bad. also subscribed to Dragonfly Theory and Poppy Ink as well. i. have. to. stop. shopping.

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