Monday, November 6, 2006

Another Monday On The Move

slept pretty late last night. watched a movie on TV1 and fell asleep halfway through but woke up to switch tv off. managed to finish one layout for Ali E's pp challenge before going to bed. i'm still one week behind on the last challenge. will try and get that done...will try.

Sasha came to pick me and Dah today. Shemah had a crop and Eid gathering at her place. Aneesa had to miss another day of school and one day won't make a big difference since she already missed a whole week last week! but she wasn't feeling so well then point going.

it was potluck and there was so much food and it was fun. some of us managed to alter some items and Dah's altered tin box is outstanding! i want it!!! hehehe... and
as usual, Anis was his tantrumy self... Aneesa was fine. she played with everyone else and got her hands henna~ed by the lovely Auntie. it was a fun~filled day. Sasha dropped me & Dah off and poor Nidhi threw up. it happens. hope she's all better by now.

Mummies & Little Ones :)

Sketch Challenge @
About ScrapBooking
i enjoy doing sketch challenges. just follow the sketch and get it all together :D this one is quite easy to do. and these girls are fun to crop with...because they chit chat more than they crop! ;)


Lynna said... was nice meeting you again & glad to learn some SB stuff from you..

WHO knows IF later ; I've the courage & $$$ ( LOL !! )-I'll join you guys in SB eh ..heheheh

~currant7 said...

nicely done challenge! :)