Saturday, November 25, 2006

Catching Up On Sleep...

have been awfully tired the last few days. been entertaining my kids and keeping house and taking them out as well. we have to get out at least 4 times a week otherwise i'd go raving mad! ;)

also went to visit my Aunt who's in hospital. hoping & praying she'll recover real quickly. the weather hasn't been really that good either. it's usually hot and sunny in the morning and come afternoon, the heavy rainfall! but rain is good for the earth. also Aida came to pick us up yesterday and we raided Jane's place! :D got some stuff, which means more stuff for scrapbooking! but Jane's having a 20% storewide sale so it's a good buy. goodbye to $$$ but still...happy :D hehe...

been catching up on sleep! oh good does that feel! i try to ensure that everything is shut off by 10pm and that we're all settled in bed. having enough sleep means being a much nicer Umie to my kids the next day *wink* also managed to scrap and got a few layouts done in between my *busy* daily schedule!

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