Saturday, November 18, 2006

Proud Umie! :D

Darul Arqam called many many times to let me know that Aysha & Muesa are one of the Top 3 students in their class! *yippee* i'm so proud of them both! we've been invited to attend the prize giving ceremony on Sunday and Mama Lat will be joining us , like she did last year :)

it's 4 in the afternoon. we'll be heading to Abye's for their open house soon. i just have to finish my challenge layout *wink* otherwise i'd be so behind & might not do it at all!!! also completed the partner layouts that i'm doing with Aida. that's for immunity which we hope there's a chance for us. if not...have to totally rely on our individual page! :D

here's our Partner Challenge LayOut

1 comment:

DadhaSpoke said...

I tumpang happy with you for ur kids have achieved Top 3 in class.
U must be one proud momma.