Friday, November 3, 2006

Some Things Got Done Today!

Aneesa seems so much better today, Thankfully. really have no idea what's causing the rash. but there's still some medication left so that's helping :) Anis still has runny nose and he's been wiping his nose with tissues and now there's some skin irritation there! anyway... hope they'll both heal totally real soon.

my throat, not so sore lately. but headache...on and off! ughh..not a great feeling that one. anyway, at least i managed to get my DT layout done today. happy :D it's due November 15th and will only be up at the gallery on the 20th. can't post it anywhere else until then.

also went to Sony service centre in the afternoon. tried to get my cybershot fixed and he fiddled and voila! it's ok again :) but i still need to figure out more about this camera. all i'm doing is click and print. alot of other functions to explore yet...i'm just too lazy hehe

oh! i fixed the vacuum! now that's a first for me! :D

finally, exams are over for my kids. they're not that stressed out but they did make an effort to study and revise. i'm pretty lenient with them. no point getting all riled up as it won't do them any good, neither to me! i'll just get older faster! :D they've been told some of their results and i'm pretty happy. at the end of the day, they did their best. good kids :)

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