Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Whatcha Doin?

i have to keep up with housework!!! loads of laundry got done today...3 cycles *phew*! :D did my ironing *yayy* and it's a peaceful moment right now and i'm enjoying it! *yippee*

i made it through the next round at ScrapLove! and this week i've to come up with phrases that i often use daily, especially with my kids ;) ok, they're all "naggy" phrases but all for the good of a less messy home and a happier home...make that a happy Umie hehehe...

been working on altering one of my tin lunch boxes for my project work at About Scrapbooking. got that 90% done last night. that was worth almost 3 tv shows. caught America's Next Top Model, Nip Tuck & Law & Order
. yup! i stayed up late last night...like so many other nights! i better get my shut eye like i did before, by 10pm... yeah, like that will happen!

anyway, this was my layout for Week 5 challenge. to lift from a CD album cover and mine was taken from Maroon 5.

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