Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry 2nd Birthday My Boy Anis!

Umie & Birthday Boy Anis :)Happy Birthday Cupcakes Made By Sweet Ayshawoke up to a cool morning and happy that our home is pretty organised for a birthday celebration *wink* kids helped out which is great and Muesa blew balloons while Aysha baked almost 40 cupcakes for her little brother's birthday! she decorated each and every one and i Thank God for this daughter who's so lovely and wonderful :D

oh, *Dad* Kelvin called from the Gold Coast as he always does on Christmas Day :) hubby also called to wish his youngest son Happy Birthday. poor him...not much of a Christmas celebration where he is and hopefully no bad weather in the Maldives.

i got cooking in the kitchen and as usual, for all celebrations held at our home, my dishes would a
lways comprise of Mee Pok and Roast Chicken :D and a few other simple ones...Thank You Deedah for your awesome blueberry cheesecake! we saved that one for another celebration with Grandma when we go visit her :D also to Asnah for her yummy seafood fried rice & putri salat. Thanks to my sister in law Salina for those delicious sandwiches and banana cakes! woohoo...all so so lovely! :D

our guests arrived a little after 1pm and kids filled the room with laughter, giggles and of course...some cries too! the sound of fun makes it all worth while :) Mummies chit chatting and Daddies doing their own thing..hehe. i truly hope everyone had an enjoyable time. the weather although not perfect, but it was just nice :D

we played a puzzle building game and Sasha's team won! *yayy*2nd team to win, Aysha & Shafikah 3rd place, Edzra, Muesa & NehaFaqeha & me came in 4th :)

more photos of our family & friends :) Grand Uncles Anis & Kamal made it too. we absolutely had a fun time. and i know for sure that Anis had a fantastical time on his 2nd Birthday! :D

Anis opening his birthday gifts. He's so Happy!
Thanks to Everyone for your wonderful gifts :)

after a day of celebration, time to snooze :)
*i really really had a great birthday.*
Thanks Everyone!!! :D


Irene said...

Happy Birthday Anis!

Edleen said...

Thanks Auntie Irene :D