Friday, December 22, 2006

Mini Crop and Shopping :)

must Thank Aida for her lovely idea to make a mini book album. spent the entire afternoon at her place on Wednesday and managed to complete the pages but not the whole album *wink*

and on Thursday, spent the whole day & night in town! with all 6 kids in tow, Sasha & i painted the town red, and yellow and green :D we mostly shopped for our SB stuff and pretty happy with our purchases :) it's not the best time to head to town though. alot of people busy Christmas shopping & i'm just waiting for the post Christmas sales! we ended up in Little India for dinner which was simply yummy!

it's a lovely Friday morning. still feeling a little chilly from the rain we've been having. pretty gloomy weather but that shouldn't dampen my spirits from doing anything. although i'm leaning more towards the lazier part of me..hehe. waiting for the Cosmo Cricket package sent to me from Rebecca to arrive. will then begin with my layouts for January. currently not working on anything. well, there are a few on my scrap table but my mind's on Anis's 2nd Birthday celebration. my baby will turn 2 on Christmas Day! :D

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