Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A Day Of Many Firsts...

First Day Of School
how happy they seem to be going to school! and a happier me having at least a few hours to get online or scrap!!! :D

My Little Anis Is Off To PlayGroup!
can't believe that my youngest is now attending school! even for a mere an hour an a half, still feels like aww... and seeing all the little ones chattering to one another in their own baby language was just so cute! :D

no photos taken in school this morning but definitely will take some shots at school tomorrow *wink*

Spotlight Storewide Sale
Thank you Yati for reminding me about it. i threw away the brochure when i received it thinking i shouldn't spend anymore in 2007. errr...shouldn't spend anymore??? me??? hehehe... but getting stuff when they're at a discount is definitely worth the buy. got a few ribbons and stocking up on cardstocks. finally got the glue that my sweet daughter could use to stick down her gem stones onto her denim jeans. the crown thing is in...i blame Missy Elliott!!! hehehe...

Made With Love
ahh...the vote is up to pick the best layout at the window. plenty of entries which you can submit whenever you spend $25. so each layout costs $25 *wink* i see only one of mine so that's how much i spent...hehehe. said HI to the girls and chat a little with Cheenta. so she's starting to scrap too. so is Malee! so cute :D Ratna came to meet us. shop shop shop! we're so good at it! ;)

Sad Parting
we shopped and next, we should crop! well, if time permits and when there isn't any obstacles or any child being ill, we'll definitely catch up again :) we each went our way...sob sob and it felt like i was going home from working all afternoon!!! hehe...

Home With Loved Ones
this isn't a first but always, always good to be home with my little ones :D the hugs, the bestest!

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