Saturday, January 6, 2007

Javanese Batik As Art

the word Batik is Javanese. so i love love Batiks. it's part of me, part of my history :) no denying it but i wear a Batik sarong everyday of my life as i am free to walk around in it...but only at home *wink* but i do own a few that is wearable when worn during festive season. my Mummy used to have so many nice Nyonya Peranakan costumes being that my late Grandmother Mary is Peranakan Chinese :) perhaps i could ask my mother in~law too if i could have hers? hmmm... *cheeky grin*

anyway it's so comfortable especially after many washes and of course, the designs and colours of Batik cloths.
i have plenty of Batik sarongs and some i can't even bear to use! when hubby went to Indonesia, he would get some nice Batiks and he also bought some old ones which are much pricier than the norm. our favourite is Batik Tulis.

*will get info on Batik As Art. very informative article and i just want to learn more of my heritage and be proud of being Javanese* :D

i've even handsewn a Batik dress for my eldest
daughter when she was little! i have to find it again and get my 4yr old to wear it :) ahh...then it would be nice to scrap about it too :D

some Batik designs i really adore!
Batik Parang
Batik CeplokBatik Modern
Batik TambalMiring Design
these aren't from my collection but just some designs i really love! it's the colours and i'm very into greens and browns. my two favourite colours! and that's why sometimes when i see patterned papers that are Batik inspired, i'd just grab them! yummy :)

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