Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Launch...

of something i've had in mind for quite some time. but...will see how it goes. it's been a good day :) we had some sunshine this morning. that made me happy! although it began raining in the late afternoon. it's much cooler at night though. perhaps that's what a *perfect* weather day should be...

spent the afternoon at Plaza Singapura. seems i'm there every week! *wink* well, Stef wanted me to get some things from Spotlight but i wasn't sure and ended up getting my own stuff! hee... popped in MWL. chit chatter with some of the girls and sweet Elvira came out to chit chat too. they're busy getting boxes unpacked. new goodies inside! got a few more stuff from there too and can't wait to see what's new in their store.

i shouldn't have but got myself a pair of camo cargo pants from Fox. well, there's a sale and when there's a sale, it's worth buying *wink* didn't have time to go elsewhere so my son and i went home right after. oh, met Nenek Rock! hehe... she's my Aunt. a full time singer at a lounge at one of the well known hotels here in Singapore.

it's late...i should be in bed! American Idol Season 6 has begun. whoopie! :D

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