Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shiok Saturday! :D

was at Jenn's on Friday afternoon. supposedly to crop...but we had more munchies than croppies! hehe... but it was fun, as it always is :) Sasha, woohoo! loving that die cutter you've got there! many Thanks to Aida for her generous RAK. so sweet :) since hubby came home from Maldives that Friday morning, he offered to fetch me from Jenn's place. it was raining cats and dogs and as it turned out, i got totally drenched!!! no car, no truck, just me pillion rider on his scooter! we braved the rain and it was really cold! fun as it was, poor hubby wore the helmet without the visor which the poor dear kept rubbing his eyes. he wanted me to wear the protected one so my face wouldn't get wet. *awww* but told him i could close my eyes and cover my face if he took my helmet instead. we stopped and exchanged helmets and the speed got faster than before! hehe... we got home, changed to dry, warm clothes and rested and i slept from 8pm until 7am this morning!!! whoopee!!! :D

we went out to Jalan Kayu for breakfast this morning. having local food is an enjoyment to hubby as he misses all our food. there goes my diet!!! hehe...
Paper Prata
Plain PrataGoes nicely with Fish Curry...yum~yum! :DFried Fish
Teh Cino
too sweet for my Javanese taste bud!
Iced Miloand a must have
Teh Tarik!
Afternoon Crop
Dah came for a crop after she came back from work. just the two of us and we managed to get one layout done! not complete but we were happy it was 90% out there..hehe :)

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