Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sleepy Sunday!

so Saturday afternoon, me and the girlfriends went to TVC's open house. we found great bargains and i'm so happy i grabbed the last few stamps that Sharon was selling! *grinning* and as usual, always went over budget with my scrapbook shopping... but, also bought stuff for Stef who asked to get her a few things from TVC. anyway, very happy with my purchase :D

we went to Mad Jack's for some munchies. the spinach & chicken ham quiche was delish! we sat at the Fart Zone...hahaha!!! it rained heavily and Thankfully Wati's husband came to fetch us all. Thanks Wati's hubby!!!

so later that night, we were on again for a virtual crop. everyone was so sporting and it was hilarious chatting with the girls! my sides split from laughing on my own in front of the computer!!! :D only did 1 page out of 3 challenges...hehe

we said goodbye at 2am. couldn't sleep in as my little ones woke me up by 8am... dragged myself out of bed, did my duty as an Umie *wink* and went to scrap after :D decided to do this layout for the Asian Dare. presenting, my very first layout in Bahasa Melayu...

which means Love

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