Monday, January 29, 2007

A Very Good Day :)

just got back from the airport. a little tired. but the day went very well :) finally my Mimi tote bag arrived. went with Aysha to pick it up. met a scrapper from the SB Gang. made small chat and then off we went. had to be home before 5pm to pick Aneesa up from school.

so, on our way back at Orchard Road, this guy approached us and asked if we were students and are we classmates! hehe... i should feel happy being mistaken for an 11 year old? or should my daughter feel offended? hehehe... anyway, gave him the donation that he asked for. anything to help the little ones, especially orphans.

did a few layouts today. but will post later as i don't have the file in my MacBook. so different these two computers!!! anyway... will blog later. oh yeah! the new stuff at CHA Winter is so so cool! now, another year of spending and getting broke!!! :D

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