Sunday, February 4, 2007

Eat, Crop, Chatterbugs and Little Ones :)

it was a lovely and breezy Saturday morning :) Aida and Jenn arrived together and met with my Dad who was there as well. it was really sweet of Aida to bring her homebaked Shepherd's Pie and Egg Tarts ice~cream from Jenn. before i could actually put all the food togther to serve, we had a little "excursion" at my humble kampong..hehe

it's true. my home is filled with old wooden teak stuff from the time you enter right through to our bedrooms! we collected these before moving here and they somehow hold really wonderful memories from the past. but the amount of dust we've accumulated...yikes!!! so if you ladies saw those dust, please pretend you saw parts of the decor...hehehe

we had some lunch and then afterwards Sasha came with her lovely girls. much later, Dah also came with her yummy Fried Macaroni! yum~o! :D we had tea from the Dilmah selection. tea...i love! :) we chatted and we did crop really. but we chatted more and ate some more too hehehe...

but i had fun. perhaps we should crop more together and getting tips and learning alot especially from Aida. she's such a warm and delightful individual. and very very good at card making and stamping! much later, her girls too came up for a visit. they're so pretty!

so just sharing some photos i took and guess who's not in the picture??? *wink* hehe...

What We Had
MeePok, Fried Rice,Roast Chicken and Aida's Delicious Shepherd's PieAll The Little Sweetie Pies
Sharing Cropping Skills
Aida has so much to teach us all!

Lunch Time Then Tea Time :D


Laurie & Chris said...

It looks like you had a great time. I used to get together with a group of girls. The problem was we talked more then we scrapped. Any way we had fun.

EdMary said...

how true! we always say we MUST finish at least one layout but the eating and chatting often gets in the way..hehe :D