Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day! :D

and also Happy Mail Day! :D got my package from Stef in the mail and woo! love everything inside.
love love all the tim tams...will keep it for myself *evil* and will also get fat myself hehehe...*one packet has already disappeared into not so thin tummy!*
the photos are all so scrappable! and very very pretty laces and everything else!!!
Thank You Stef! :)

so last night, before going to bed, did some sketching. thought it'd be fun to make cards today and maybe have a challenge with my Groovie girlfriends :) maybe if you feel like it, come and play along too! should have used a pen instead of pencil to sketch...not too clear but still visible! have fun and Happy Lovey Dovey Day to All! :)

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