Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just Another Day...

went out with Roney today. he came home early and i was actually getting ready to go out to get some scrapbooking stuff and he, the saviour sent me to my destination :D with him on a scooter, it takes only 15 minutes from home to town. it would take me at least 40 minutes from home to town on the bus and train... and Thankfully the weather was so beautiful today! i wish i could capture all the beautiful hues of blue skies and fluffy clouds while i was sitting at the back of the scooter! perhaps next time...

got one layout done this morning and did a little doodling and i actually enjoy it. just going
with the flow :)
Getting Our Feet Wettook this shot this afternoon. love the formation of
clouds in the sky!
Nature is just Breathtaking!

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