Thursday, February 8, 2007

My Little Baby Sister

well, she's been adopted by my Dad and StepMother. she's a cutie from what i see from the photos. perhaps on our next vacation, we'll make a trip to Sekupang Island, Indonesia to go see and play with her! my kids have a Baby Auntie!!! :D and i shall try to provide more for my little sister like i do my own kids if God Wills it.

so this is one page i did of her with Citra. she would be one of the girls related to my StepMother. i'm happy, i'm all for adoption and rather than her being put away elsewhere, it's heartwarming to see my old Dad wanting another child :) i just can't wait to see her! and take lots of photos of her!

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Mirjam said...

Congratz to you little sister!!! It's always good to know an other little child has found a home (our daughter is adopted from China).
Love your lo btw!