Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Being Javanese


ok, so this is for Dare #3 up at Asian Dare Blog. to scrap about our Heritage and a little about ourself.

squirm because that is a really old photo of me on my wedding day! this layout depicts the mixes of my parentage. one photo in my Javanese outfit and the Batik cloth fabric i used on the page, which is similar to the one i wore that day.

another is the Chinese side of me. not so much of it but still, my late Grandmother is 100% Chinese :) the red "Kwa" which i think it's called is the traditional Chinese Wedding costume. it's pretty and every bride feels really pretty on her Big Day :D

these days, it's Umie or Mommy!!! dealing with screaming and wailing little munchkins!!! fun fun fun...no fuss, no muss. just alot of mess *wink*

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