Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Creative Little Artists

so i am pleasantly amazed at how my four kids are enjoying their art! i went to their rooms and found Aysha's very own calendar tacked to the wall. so cute and everything she did free hand! i love what you did Sweetie!
my son's comic creation! cute huh? he loves his comics! :) but he also needs to love his Math and Science books too..hehehe
*ok, being the typical Mum here*
Muesa, i think your little doggie bot is fabulous!
her version of her favourite entertainers, the Hi 5 Gang! :D
she's just adorable!

and cute little Anis did this in playschool :)
minus the stitched cloud! hehe...

i had a great day! stayed home, spent time with my kids and didn't scrap at all!!! :D submitted my last layout to Rebecca and i'm just happy to be on her team :) soon my Groovie Java Scraps Cafe will be holding our first Mini Album Coaster class and i'm pretty excited!

and yes! March 17th 2007, Groovie Java Scraps Cafe officially opened! i'm nervous, excited and most of all, Super Duper Happy! it's a simple and humble hangout and just wanna have Groovie fun over there. come join us! :D

oh and C called from New York this morning. glad you called! yes i better get that address in New Jersey for you...before i forget *wink* got a long day of crop tomorrow! haven't packed anything yet in my scrap tote and as i always am, eat and chat more than crop at any crop meets!!! hehe...

Stay Groovie and Stay Cool!

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Mel said...

Hi Edleen! Sounds like you've got a fun day ahead! Happy cropping!