Sunday, March 18, 2007

Superb Weekend

Saturday Morning
didn't really start off with a sweet note. my Mum called to let me know that Haida's Mum passed away early Saturday morning. told Mum to change immediately and meet me. we'll go to the funeral together. Thankfully my Uncle was home. he came to pick me up and we all went together. of course the atmosphere was still and filled with sadness. they were some familiar faces. waited until everyone said their last Goodbye and gave Haida my hugs. of course one is sad to lose one's Mother. we hung on tight for a few seconds and she had to go. her sisters and their husbands all left to the cemetary. my Uncle and Mum sent me home.

A Little Later...
Yati and Chef Dah came over for a few hours of crop. Dah brought her delicious kueh and beehoon. yum~yum! i sincerely didn't have time to cook up something for my friends. Yati brought some snacks and also her lovely daughter Dini :)
funny that Stef sent a text message all the way from Australia to remind me to log in!!! hehe... i'm a doodlehead sometimes. forgot about you for a moment there Stef *wink* got some wonderful news from her and hopefully things will just go off from there. truly appreciate her effort.

was in bed by 9pm. knocked out even before i got a chance to watch My Name Is Earl...

Sunday With My Family
we were out perhaps before anyone else got out of bed :) went for breakfast, grocery shopping and back home. put our groceries away, took our bicycles and packed it into the lorry and off we went to spend the day at Pasir Ris Park. the best of times, is spent with family. :)

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