Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank You Aida!

Aida designed a Mini Coaster Book Of Me for The Groovie Java! woohoo! :D we'll be conducting a class on this mini project soon. well, Aida's the Teacher so let's leave it to the expert :) once we get all the details confirmed, Groovie Girls will get priority to attend this special class. aren't you excited Groovie Girls??? woohoo!!!

i feel weird like talking to someone on here..hehehe
Thanks for dropping by and just completed 3 Layouts today but i'm watching Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives so... perhaps will get it up tomorrow. anyone Rob and Amber's fan? too bad they're out of the race. they kinda "spice" up the show but then again...they're already winners. we all are!!! :)

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