Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Scraps

Wati and Deedah came over on Saturday. we had a little lunch before heading to TVC's open house. it's always nice to actually meet friends that you've made through a certain circumstance and in this case, Scrapbooking for us :) and Thanks Wati for the cake and dim sums..yum~yum. and Deedah's very own sedap!!! *Dah, can i hire you to be our Chef at the Groovie Java Cafe?* ;)

and little Adam is too cute for words!!! :)

we met Sasha and our usual "open house friends". we went and did the name tag thingy for ourselves and ta dah...this is mine, yup, me and little birdie thing going on :D
didn't spend as much too. got the inks as requested by Miss Stef. we went back to my place afterwards and we wanted to scrap but scrapped the idea as we're all scrapped out!!! hehe...

we had more munchies and i retired early to bed. need to catch up on beauty sleep *wink*

finished my layout for sketch challenge at not really sure about the layout but it's done and not a great photo of me but loving all the people in it :Dsunny yellow happy colours layout from Poppy Ink kit Enjoy The School Hols Little Ones!!!


Stef said...

Loving your LO's Ed. And your name tag is way to cute. Must make one myself hehe. I always love your little birdies.

scrap {n} flava said...

Love this PP- The birds are way too cute!

Edleen said...

Thank You Stef!

Thank You Jess :D