Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What A Day!

and it was fun! another day of cropping at MWL :D today it was the 80s girls except for the 20something hehehe... Thanks for the great music Kristy! brought back some fond memories. if only there was a disco ball and some retro outfits and headscarves off!!! hehe.. it would have been so cool!!! *wink* and Yati, what a dancer! :D so Groovie!

anyways, i didn't get a layout done at all. pathetic...i know. well it was an almost layout and
hopefully will complete it perhaps tomorrow. we had cupcakes and Deedah's Mum's yummy epok~epok. Thanks Sasha for lunch from Geylang :) the chatting was practically non~stop and enjoying the music was another. didn't we love that country music type of song? when we rode on the horse with a slow pace? hehehe...

took a few shots with my miserable almost dead battery! but look at all th
e pretty women scrapping away :) and Thanks Girls, i had fun! looking forward to the next crop. and check out Kristy's cool googaws at her website FarFlung Craft.

you can't see her but that's Deedah in black. she did a mini album for her friend's Baby Boy and it was so cute! the others got layouts done too! bought the new prima brassiere pack *wink* they're so pretty. and oh Mimi Tote, been carrying it for less than 3 times since i bought it and there's a tear already. dang!!!

kids were happy to see me when i got home at 8pm :) bought them dinner, fed them and chit chat a little and showered the little ones and put them to bed. watched American Idol and oh my gosh! Blake sang my favourite song from The Cure!!! woohoo... he won't lose any vote with that song and the way he sang it. plus he's a cutie too :)

anyway, all that aside, 3 layouts here. 2 of which i did this morning :)
February's Poppy Ink Kit

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Kristy Harris said...

Can't wait to see you today... and glad you liked the music :-)