Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yummy Dogs For Dinner

well hot dogs for that matter :D
i had yummy Hoagie and kids had Coney Dogs.
we don't have them often so tonight, it was dog delicious!!! hehe...

today was another fun day! took my kids for breakfast at McDonald's. well, more like brunch because when we got there it was already the lunch menu *wink* but kids enjoyed themselves and they were fed so that's pretty important!

Thank You Sasha for coming over to pick me up. well, i don't drive. never have, never will :) so having friends who owns a car and drives, that's a plus *wink* and Thanks Jenn for your offer to pick me up. perhaps next time, when Sasha is in Disneyland!!! hehe...

we browsed, we saw and we bought stuff! everyone had plenty of some things in their big blue plastic bag :D this reminds me...i have not FT~ed to TVC *wink* will do it. they know where i am!

Afternoon Tea ~ Singapore Style
heavy downpour but that didn't stop us from our Teh Tarik and Prata session :) yum~yum! there were 4 little girls that came along and they truly enjoyed themselves. so did their Mummies :) Kristy joined us too and what do you think Kristy? shall we do this again? *wink* and Thanks Jenn for your treat :)

afterwards, we took a spin further up Jalan Kayu to the old Seletar Aiport. did a bit of sight~seeing. lovely lovely place. beautiful houses. hope it'll be there...forever. we said tata to Kristy when Sasha dropped her off at AMK. invited Nidhi and Neha over for some ice~cream and let the little ones hang out and have fun.
Nidhi and Aneesa
enjoying her ice~cream :)
Aysha said she wanted to go to Compass Point. and so we went. that's where we bought Hot Dogs for dinner and came home, relaxed and watched My Name Is Earl :)

also spent about an hour or so chatting with Sasha. alot of yakking to do! hehe... and love all those shots on your blog :)

did one layout this morning too!


Kristy Harris said...

You betcha Tea Singapore style any time!

Next time I will bring my little girl too, but big brother will have to stay with Daddy :-)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

super fun.. and pls don't mention about picking you up or sending you home. that's what friends are for...

so looking forward to more teh tatik session! i need the calories.. LOL.. (as if)!

Edleen said...

alright Kristy!

can't wait to meet your Little Best Supporting Actress :D

ed said...
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Edleen said...


can't wait for the next Teh Tatik session too..hehehe