Sunday, April 15, 2007


we had a nice Sunday afternoon. had lunch @ The Banquet and indulged in ice kacang topped with sweetcorn :D my girls enjoyed the ice mostly!

after lunch, we stepped into MPH and this was the first thing i saw and just had to get it! i don't know how many times i've said it but i simply adore and love Batik! will be reading this book this week :)
and my Groovie Girlfriend Sasha is back from USA & Tokyo! *waves hi*

and i can't wait for Monday! already have a Suprise up my sleeves for my firstborn child who will be 12 years old. can't believe it...she's so grown up now. i can still remember her when she was just a newborn. i am so so happy i captured every moment of my children's lives. tracking back is just wonderful memories and scrapbooking has helped it made much more of a treasure! Umie loves you Aysha!!! and you don't know it unless you read this tonight, but Abah will be home for your Birthday!!! yippee!!! :D


Kristy Harris said...

I love batik too, I would love to look at the book sometime :-)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

miss you Ed!!

Edleen said...

alright Kristy!
hope we'll meet up soon :)

Edleen said...

Sasha! glad you're back and catch up with you later *wink*

Marr said...

ED!! Your gals are so beautiful! I am so full of envy!!! hahahaha!! Happy Belated Birthday to Aysha