Friday, April 6, 2007

Keep Moving Forward

a really good motto set by Walt Disney from the movie,
Meet The Robinsons

now meet the Little Qs :)
on our way to Cathay Theatre
kids and i absolutely love this movie! i recommend it. filled with lots of fun scenes and positive messages and i love it when Goob gets reminded to think things through before doing anything.

it's actually been ages since i stepped into a movie theatre and because it's Good Friday today and i felt like taking kids to watch this. it would be Anis's first movie ever and i prayed that he would keep quiet and not cause any embarassments while the show was going on...

we bought popcorn and snacks and went in. we were "upgraded" to another theatre since the audience was less than 30 people! woohoo...i absolutely love almost empty theatres! :D it's almost as if we owned the place..hehe. Aysha made a check online the night before and told me Cathay was not fully booked as the one at Lido. good job Aysha! :)

and it was sweet that Anis kept silent all through the movie! Thank God :) he enjoyed the show as much as we all do. i'm sure he doesn't understand most of what's going on but Tiny the Dinosaur he recognised! hehe... and i love the motto Keep Moving Forward. life should be that way :)

we had lunch at Long John Silver's afterwards. took the MRT to Orchard. went to pop into Laine's and picked up my gift voucher. also exchanged my scrapbook tote for a new one. i hope this one won't give way too... then we headed to Isetan. i have not been shopping for other things besides scrapbooking stuff! Aysha saw that Roxy was having a sale and we went to check it out. got her a new top and bag that she wanted. Muesa got himself a Quiksilver bag. it's their Birthday month, so they can have whatever they like. while we can afford it :)

hope your Good Friday was as fun as ours.

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