Monday, April 2, 2007

Me and My Batik :D

i'm enjoying using my Batik cloths on my layouts. this one for Dare #5 at Asian Dares. but is kinda sad to sacrifice my kain Batik *wink*

but some designs are so unique and the Batik Tulis will not be touched or used. only for display purposes only :)

we had to do colours for this Dare. i figured that this particular Batik shows what Java Colours are all about. the greens, browns and red flowers. but of course Batiks comes in many beautiful colours.

added my inevitable little birdies too :D

and Thanks to Kristy now i have to go figure out what i am to do with the next Dare!!!

and did the Sisters layout from my {Oh Simple Things} kit. that paper is just yummy! and yet another little birdie on this one too :D

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