Friday, April 20, 2007

Very First Meeting

with Celebrity Scrapper and Owner of Fontwerks Kah~Mei Smith :)

you might recognise her pretty little girl Emily

Kah~Mei came to MWL with her husband and children and had dinner at the Cafe.and she did some shopping too :)

we had a little chit chat with her and she's actually from Penang. we're neighbours...hehe. her children are such darlings and photo taking was pretty much non~stop.

we also enjoyed the Blue Light Special :)

didn't really buy that many things but i had potato salad with the actual lettuce as salad, topped with chicken bits from the chicken sandwich! and also to add, Thai dressing which later proved to my tummy be a not so great combination... hehe. also had iced blended mocha which was simply delish!

and bought these back for my kids :)

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