Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Card for Deedah

well, affectionately known as Chef Deedah because she's really a terrific cook and she bakes yummy yummy sinful goodies! :D

hopefully Dah won't be reading this now as her birthday falls on May 5th. it's a Surprise! and we're meeting for breakfast and scrapbook shopping tomorrow since it's National ScrapBooking Day *wink*

had lunch with Aida and Jenn earlier. and what a pleasure to meet Jaz and Emeline and her little ones too! :) it's a small ScrapBooking World!

went to shop for Dah's birthday gift too. got her a really gorgeous album from KI Memories. she'll be able to put some precious memories in it. :) and hope she'll like it.
Birthday Card for Deedah

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